NaKay Health


Wendy D. RN, BN, MN, CNS

Services: Cov-19 Rapid Antigen Testing, Seniors Health and Service Consulting, Lifestyle for Health Consulting
Wendy has been working in nursing since 2007, since 2011 she has specialized in Senior's health care. She received her Master's in Nursing, specializing in Geriatrics in 2015, and worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.
Wendy has been involved in various relief and development efforts around the world in both medical and non-medical capacities. She believes that prayer and forgiveness can contribute to physical health and well-being.

Sharla B. RN, BN

Services: Cov-19 Rapid Antigen Testing, Seniors Health and Service Consulting.
Sharla is a Registered Nurse who graduated from Mount Royal University in 2014. She has worked in a variety of different settings over the years. Starting in acute care on a Pulmonary and Internal Medicine unit then specializing in Geriatric Home Care. She also worked locally & internationally through Samaritan's Purse Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), Canadian Disaster Relief (CDR), and as a Team Lead for International Trips. Sharla has been to over 19 different countries working in active war zones, natural disasters and joining alongside community stakeholders to support and improve community resources and provide appropriate medical, social, and spiritual care.
Sharla enjoys helping people determine their own health goals and find sustainable solutions to move forward. Sharla believes in holistic care, collaboration and true patient and family centered care. She felt that there was a missing piece within public health care and is excited to create a new space to serve her community.